Bustling and vibrant, Baltimore is a city of contrasts. If you think that indulging yourself with delicious seafood and jamming to street music sounds like a good time, you made the right choice to move to Baltimore. In addition to all the fun things – long walks in the Inner Harbor, authentic Hairspray atmosphere of HonFest, and bright art festivals – Baltimore is a major college town with thousands of research opportunities and John Hopkins University in its heart.  We want to help you with your move, so we created this guide to renters insurance in Baltimore.

Whether you moved to Baltimore to pursue a medical career, or to enjoy the laid back culture, you can’t escape the tedious turmoil of rental paperwork. If you are a responsible adult the final step of your rental process should be buying a renters insurance. What for? Well, let’s see.

Looking for a quote? Get a quote for renters insurance in Baltimore in 2 minutes on Bungalow. No one makes it easier! Still not convinced you need renters insurance in Baltimore? Read on to learn why you probably do!

Why you need renters insurance in Baltimore

Could you afford to replace all your stuff if your apartment burned down or if a storm swept your apartment away? Renters insurance covers both cases – and much less dramatic ones!

Also keep in mind that Baltimore, despite all of its cultural appeal, still has a higher crime rate than the average American city. Renters insurance will protect you from theft and vandalism. By the way, renters insurance also covers your property when you’re away from your apartment, so if you lose some valuable items while visiting the museums in nearby Washington DC you’ll be covered   – so long as you purchased renters insurance. Don’t believe us? Check out why the New York Times recommends purchasing renters insurance.

Additionally, many landlords now require that renters buy insurance in Baltimore. This helps both the landlord and the renter!

If your landlord already has insurance, do you need to buy renters insurance in Baltimore?

Your landlord’s insurance only covers the building you live in, not your belongings inside. That’s what renters insurance is for! Can you imagine buying new furniture, laptops, and clothes out of your pocket if your apartment burns down? Renters insurance will replace your belongings if they are lost or damaged. And it only costs a few dollars per month!

What else does renters insurance cover besides my property?

Renters insurance also has the following coverages:

Personal Liability – This helps cover your costs if you accidentally hurt someone or someone’s property and get sued as a result. A typical amount is $300,000.

Medical Coverage – This helps pay for medical expenses if someone is hurt on your property. Insurance companies provide this to help avoid lawsuits. A typical amount is $3,000.

Loss of Use – This will pay for a hotel or somewhere else for you to stay if you something happens to your apartment. A typical amount of coverage is $5,000.

With all these coverages, it’s no wonder that US News says you can’t afford to skip buying renters insurance.

Is renters insurance expensive or hard to buy?

Hopefully by now, you would agree that renters in Baltimore should have renters insurance. So what’s stopping you? Many people think that renters insurance is too expensive. Luckily for you, that’s just a common misconception. Renters insurance in Baltimore typically costs $15-$25 dollars per month. Most people will spend that much at Artifact Coffee this month. Not so bad, huh?

What else? Getting renters insurance is boring and complicated, you say. Well, here you got me. Generally, getting renters insurance is a somewhat tedious process. With most companies you’ll have to speak to an agent over the phone or in person. But that is exactly why we created Bungalow – to make buying renters insurance quick and easy, right online.

So now you have no excuses stopping you from getting a renters insurance. Get a free quote today 

If you have additional questions about renters insurance, check out our more comprehensive Millennial’s Guide to the Best Renters Insurance