Do you own a lot of stuff or perhaps just a few fancy items? Then you may need to consider the personal property sub-limits of your renters insurance policy. We touched on this briefly in our Millennial’s Guide to the Best Renters Insurance, but we will dive deeper here.

No matter how much personal property coverage you elected on your Bungalow renters insurance plan, there are specific category limits within that coverage. If you own a lot in one of the below categories or even just one high-priced item, give our support line a call at 1-877-556-1144 to make sure your belongings are properly protected.
These are the limits for our Homesite policy

Money, currency, and gold bullion – $200

Securities, notes, deeds, letters of credit – $1500

Watercraft of any type – $1500

Trailers – $1500

Jewelry, watches, furs, and precious gemstones – $1500

Firearms – $2500

Silverware, goldware, and platinumware – $2500

Property on premises used for “business purposes” – $2500

Property away from premises used for “business purposes” – $1500

Portable electronics left in the car – $1500

Antennas, tapes, records, discs, or other media left in the car – $250