The best thing about renters insurance is that it is an ultimate potion against worries and concerns. You can finally stop sweating about the safety of your apartment when you go out. I am not saying you should leave your door wide open but at least you can go on vacation and not worry about your home.

Getting insurance through Bungalow only takes 5 minutes, so if you do it right now you will still have time to go traveling before the summer ends. There are countless destinations out there and choosing the perfect place for your August vocation might get overwhelming, especially if you are on a budget. But don’t worry, I got you. Here are my top 3 places for those who don’t want to pay more than $500 for flights to go abroad this summer.

renters insurance puerto rico

Puerto Rico

Until three weeks ago I wouldn’t even think about including Puerto Rico in this guide. Like most people, I was mistakenly associating this place with drug trade and human trafficking. My opinion changed completely after I heard my friend talk about all the amazing things he did during his vacation in Puerto Rico. This island will charm you with its vibrant culture, delicious food, open-hearted people and magnificent nature.

If you aren’t from Florida or California you are probably craving to sunbathe on a white sand beach while listening to the sounds of the ocean. Whether you are looking to catch the wave or have a peaceful swim in placid waters I have good news for you! Puerto Rico has a wide variety of excellent beaches that suit both surfers and families (check out Flamenco Beach, La Posite Beach, and Sandy Beach).

In major Puerto Rican cities you will find plenty of history and art museums. If you are into arts like me, you will also be swept away by the glorious architecture and Catholic cathedrals in San Juan and Ponce. And after a long day you can catch a salsa rhythm and indulge yourself with tasty local food.

But the real reason to go to Puerto Rico is its natural wonders. Go mountain biking in Guanica, hiking to El Yunque National Forest, or exploring Bioluminescent Mosquito Bay in Vieques. This lagoon is full of microorganisms that shine bright blue and green in the dark, so every day after dusk this bay turns into a James Cameron’s Avatar-like fairytale and by the time the sun rises you will feel like the greatness of the witnessed miracle transform you into a different, perhaps a better, person.

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This is a must for every American. Now, we are trying to save money, remember? That’s why I am not going to advise you to buy a $1000 ticket to Yukon, instead, I will lay out the best destinations in the Southern part of the country.

There are two reasons to go to Canada: its authentic cities and magnificent nature. Let’s start our trip from the very eastern province, Nova Scotia. There you can visit Halifax, which embodies the essence of a Canadian port life, and go on a ride along Cabot Trail. Afterwards, you could proceed to Prince Edward Island to enjoy the red sand on Cavendish Beach. Next move on to see the tides if the Fundy Bay – it is indeed a natural wonder.

To learn about life in a Canadian city, stop in Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto. You will be swept away by the sublime architecture of old towns and countless options for cultural entertainment – museums, botanical gardens, water sports, shops, street markets, and open air concerts. While you are in Toronto don’t forget to check out the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls. If you are brave enough take a ride on a zip line that goes parallel to the falls – the view is breathtaking!

The western part of Canada is just as filled with attractions. Make sure to make a stop in Calgary, a charming city in Alberta. About an hour from Calgary is Banff, some claim that it is the most beautiful national park in Canada. And I promise, Lake Louise will take your breath away! And if you want more adventures you should go a little further north to hike Jasper National Park. Finish your trip in British Columbia. Go to Vancouver, Long Beach in Tofino, see Helmcken Falls in Wells Gray Provincial Park, and definitely visit Whistler, world renowned ski resort with lots to do in the summer as well. For example, check out the Sea-to-Sky Gondola that is right outside.

Got all that? Go buy your tickets!

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If you make it to Rio by August 20th you will still be able to witness the Olympics and support your national team. But, really, the Olympics are not the only reason to visit Rio de Janeiro, unarguably the number one destination in Brazil. Sun, beaches, great food and friendly people already make a sure recipe for an enjoyable trip, but for even more memorable experience you might wanna check out the following sights in and around Rio.

Why don’t we start with Brazil’s poster spot, Christ the Redeemer Statue. You will have to wake up early to avoid the rush and pay for the entrance, but the view of the Rio skyline is so worth it.

Did you know that the world’s largest urban forest is in Rio? Yes, Floresta da Tijuca is a real forest inside of a city where you can hike, rock climb and appreciate the nature. Actually, Rio has plenty of parks, an amazing botanical garden, and you can go hiking in the rainforest outside the city (make sure you go with a guide). After you are done exploring Brazilian nature, walk around the streets of downtown Rio, that is how you will truly fall in love with this city (Lapa neighborhood is a must!).

If you get tired of Rio’s hustle, drive a little north to Buzios, a placid but touristy resort town three hours away from Rio. Dozens of beaches, fancy restaurants and teeming nightlife make your time in Buzios unforgettable. If you are more into historical sights, visit Paraty, a colonial city with cobbled streets and colorful old-fashioned houses. This place is also famous for its waterfalls and crystal clear water in its bay.

You also shouldn’t miss out on Ilha Grande Islands. This place is the real paradise – no cars and bad cell service will disconnect you from the busy outside world. Swim, sunbathe, go sailing, and enjoy the sounds of nature – what more could you ask for!

Unlike Puerto Rico where it takes less than 3 hours to go across the entire island, Brazil is an enormous country, and I understand that it might take more than one trip to explore the entire country. But if you get a chance, go to the beach in Fernando de Noronha, see Iguazu Waterfalls, visit tropical wetlands in Pantanal… ah, there are so many places!

Sounds exciting, right? So, buy your tickets and go, explore the world, leave your apartment! What’s the worst that can happen? Someone robs your house? Or sets it on fire? Or it gets wiped out by a hurricane? Come on, you have a renters insurance, you are covered! Time to live your life without worries!