A website asks for your email address to get to the next page. What do you do?

Enter a junk email address? Maybe put in the email of that friend who owes you money?

We know the feeling – when every other website is asking for personal information, the natural inclination can be to bend the truth when singing up for that next online service.

What we’re here to tell you is that if there is one service where the truth is absolutely necessary when signing up, it’s insurance.

It might not seem like a big deal to “forget” that you have a dog when you sign up for renters insurance in order to save a few bucks. But trust us, that is just the kind of omission that will get you in trouble when it comes time to make a claim on a policy. And there’s nothing more frustrating than an insurance policy that doesn’t pay up when you need it to. (If you’re confused about how much coverage to sign up for, check out our blog post on that topic.)

So go ahead and photoshop that Tinder profile to your heart’s content, but keep your insurance information squeaky clean. You’ll be better off in the end.