Today is an exciting day for Bungalow as we celebrate the launch of our renters insurance platform.

Our platform allows renters to buy insurance in less than five minutes on any Internet-enabled device.  We hope this will finally provide a modern alternative to an antiquated sales process.  

We are also dramatically expanding our geographic footprint from one state to 10.  And we hope to be in all 50 states soon.  In the meantime, we are excited to bring Bungalow to millions more renters across the country.

While it is hopefully clear “what” we have built, we also want to explain “why” we built it.

There are two key reasons why we started Bungalow:

Many more people will want to buy insurance online

Insurance is still an offline business in this country.  Insurance is complicated, the argument goes, and the trained agent across the table will always be valuable.  In fact, only ~15% of personal insurance purchases currently happen online in the US:


If so few people buy online today, why do we expect that to change in the future?

First off, the average car buyer today in the US is 52 years old.  The average homebuyer is 37 years old.  As younger and more internet-savvy consumers begin buying insurance, they will demand online solutions.


In fact, when we show our website to undergraduates, the first question they usually ask is why we even have a phone number.  The next generation of insurance consumers want entirely online solutions.

Second, the growth of online insurance in the US is artificially restrained.  In the UK, where the industry has invested more in the online channel, online auto insurance purchases are approaching 50% market share.  We expect a similar pattern to emerge in the US.

We don’t believe that all insurance purchases will happen online and we don’t believe insurance agents will go away.

But we do firmly believe that more consumers will want to buy insurance online.  And we believe that if an insurance product is simple enough, that purchase probably should happen online.  Younger consumers will increasingly demand these solutions. We want to be an option for them when they do.

All insurance websites are not created equal

Insurance is complicated, which is why humans usually sell it.  To move the experience online, insurance websites should effectively communicate trust, transparency, and simplicity with customers.  Unfortunately, most insurance websites still focus on generating and selling leads or funneling prospects into a call center.  These sites are not concerned with user experience.


Online insurance will only become mainstream when websites show consumers that they are invested in providing a good experience.  A well designed website is the first step in this process.  Bungalow is our attempt at moving the industry in the right direction.

We’re excited to be part of the next-generation of insurance providers focused on the next generation of customers.  We invite you to try our platform if you need renters insurance, and we welcome any feedback on the experience.  We will be back soon with more exciting updates.

      The Bungalow Team