If you want to see the highest skyscraper, a free zoo, and the world’s longest street, you should go to Chicago. After all, this city is the motherland of brownies and vacuum cleaners! I mean, who wouldn’t want to move to Chicago with its endless job opportunities and breathtaking views on Lake Michigan. Okay, so you packed your entire life in a suitcase, said goodbye to your family and are heading to the City of Winds, where you already found a great job and a cute little apartment. Oh, let me guess, you must be renting!

If you are like almost 80% of renters in Chicago, you are forgetting something very important. Yes, the renters insurance.

What do I even need it for?

Protect your apartment

Well, you are moving to the Midwest, a region famous for its spectacular nature and … not so spectacular natural disasters. Hurricanes, fire, winter storms, and even volcanic eruptions are all covered by your renters insurance.

Protect your property

You will also be protected from burglary. And yes, it is important – almost 15,000 cases were reported in 2014! Renters insurance will even cover if your bike is stolen (Having a bike might be a good idea in a city with over 225 miles of bike lanes!).

Liability coverage

You also wouldn’t have to worry about damaging someone else’s property in your apartment. I know you don’t want to pay for breaking your mother in law’s precious ceramic tea set that she brought over for Thanksgiving.

Medical coverage

If someone gets injured in your apartment, you insurance will pay the medical expenses, no matter, whose fault it was.

What else is great about renters insurance?

Renters insurance typically costs $15-$25 per month – nothing comparing to what you would have to pay your landlord who tried to sue for accidentally burning down the apartment. With Bungalow, you can even include a roommate on the insurance contract. Finally, Bungalow is making the process of getting insurance easy. Why don’t you go check it out yourself?

If you have additional questions about renters insurance, check out our Millennial’s Guide to the Best Renters Insurance.