We here at Bungalow love animals, but insurance carriers do not love all dogs equally. In fact, some dog breeds blacklist their owners from obtaining renters insurance coverage. Insurance companies generate these lists of “dangerous dog breeds” by reviewing actuarial data for claims and from dog bite incident reports.

Thankfully, this is not always the case. Some insurance carriers do not practice this form of dog breed profiling, and further there are states (Michigan and Pennsylvania to name two) where it is illegal to deny insurance coverage to dog owners on the sole basis of breed.

Whether you already have a dog or are thinking about getting one, knowing how that will affect your insurance coverage is worthy of consideration. Below is a list of 7 dog breeds (with pictures) often found on insurance carriers’ banned breed lists.

Don’t worry though! We here at Bungalow have also taken the time to create a list of 5 alternatives to the commonly blacklisted dog breeds to help prospective dog owners who still want to be insured.

7 “Risky” Dog Breeds for Renters Insurance

Pit Bull renters insurance

1) Pit Bulls

According to fatal dog bite statistics from 2015, pit bull bites accounted for 28 deaths in 2015, or 82% of all fatal dog bites (thankfully the absolute number is low).

staffordshire terrier renters insurance

2) Staffordshire Terriers

A relative of the pit bull, staffordshire terriers also trace their lineage back to a history in dog fighting. This can manifest with some dogs of this breed in aggression towards other assertive dogs.

Rottweilers renters insurance

3) Rottweilers

After the pit bull, rottweilers accounted for the next most number of fatal dog bites in 2015 (in this case, 3).

Doberman Pinscher renters insurance

4) Doberman Pinschers

According to some studies, Doberman Pinschers rank relatively high on stranger-directed aggression.

German Shepherd renters insurance

5) German Shepherds

German shepherds are a target for restricted breed lists because they can sometimes show territorial or protective behavior towards other animals.

Chow Chow renters insurance

6) Chow Chows

Historically used as guard dogs, Chows are known to be an aggressive breed who tend to protective of their humans and property.

Akita renters insurance

7) Akitas

Akitas are known for being possessive about food and aggressive towards other dogs of the same gender, making them best-served as the only animal in a household.


5 Alternative Dog Breeds for Renters

Boston Terrier renters insurance

1) Boston Terriers

Some legends claim that Boston Terriers were also initially bred for dog fighting, however today they are known for being good apartment dogs with a lively and even temperament.

Pomsky renters insurance

2) Pomskies

A relatively new “designer” hybrid, a pomsky is a husky crossbred with a pomeranian. These pint-size pups provide similar looks to a husky or German shepherd in a more apartment friendly form factor.

pug renters insurance

3) Pugs

Pugs make great pets for apartment dwellers because they don’t require much exercise. They also provide roughly the same number of skin rolls as a Chow Chow in a much smaller package. What pugs lack in size, they more than make up in personality and their almost human-like reaction faces.

Shiba Inu renters insurance

4) Shiba Inus

A smaller cousin to the Akita, Shiba Inus have enjoyed a real surge in popularity thanks to streaming puppycams and internet memes.

Mutt renters insurance

5) Mutts

Please don’t overlook the marvelous mystery mix of breeds that mutts provide. After all, what are these en vogue designer breeds like puggles, yorkie-poos and cavachons but carefully selected mutts?


When looking for a new pet, please keep your local animal shelter or pet rescue in mind. Shelters have many great animals just waiting for someone to give them a permanent home.